Get a bowl of goodness.

We carefully craft our soups to be the best you will ever taste. Our seasoned team is expert at unlocking abundant flavors for you to savor. We are passionate about bringing goodness to your soup and life.

At Ivar's Soup Company, we take a small-batch approach to producing great products. We provide soups and sauces to the whole country with quality that you'll only find at a restaurant or your own kitchen. Our team is loyal and dedicated, and many of its members have more than two decades of experience with us. That's because we're proud of what we do.

  • The Ingredients For Success

    Food that is nutritious and encompasses clean ingredients is something we can feel good about. Starting with the best natural ingredients, our culinary team crafts each soup to be rich with vital nutrients and abundant flavors.

  • A commitment to the environment
    and our community is part of who
    we are.

    We source our vegetables from local farmers wherever we can, and all of our dairy comes from our home state of Washington.

    We do not use any Chinook salmon from the Salish Sea (Washington to southern British Columbia) since it is the primary food of the southern resident orca whales.

    Ivar's purchases all of its salmon from the state of Alaska since its state constitution requires that all of their fisheries be maintained sustainably.

  • By People for People

    Our team's goal is to always bring you the highest quality soup, offering the most innovative tastes that travel to wherever you need it. We will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and delight, bringing goodness to both your soup and life.

We take great pride in our process and product.

We design our soups to stay fresh and restaurant-quality so they taste just as good coming out of your kitchen as they did ours. Whether you have a large order, small order, or want to make a custom soup at scale, we are committed to the highest industry standards at our state-of-the-art facilities.