As easy as heat and serve.

We have the capacity and customer service to cater to any size of business, from small retailers to large wholesalers. Specializing in both food service and retail, we can help you please the crowd while saving both time and money. When you see what your customers think, you'll be sure to ask for seconds.

Our Facilities

We pass USDA, FDA, and HACCP audits with flying colors, and we also pass even more rigorous inspections made by private companies. All because we mind every detail. We double-and-triple-check everything that goes in our kettles, and we run our soups through metal detectors and internal temperature monitors. Our factories maintain strict standards for food and employee safety.

Quality that Travels

Our Culinary Development Chef has decades of experience formulating and executing recipes that travel well, while our special spiral cooler quickly lowers the temperature of our soups and sauces so the texture is never lost. With packaging designed to seal in the flavor and freshness, you can be proud to have our products in your kitchen, store shelf, or catalog.

Built on Knowledge

We research market and industry best practices, so you can learn from the data and set performance goals. Because much of our research in this category is proprietary, you'll gain a competitive edge.

Strong Relationships

The relationships we've built over the decades with fishermen, farmers and other food suppliers gives us access to nature's best offerings. All so we can provide the highest quality soups.